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Posted on Nov 22, 2005 Print this Article

CMR Notes - Issue 80 November 2005

The Report of the Defense Task Force on Sexual Harassment & Violence at the Military Service Academies, and the 2003 report on sexual misconduct at the Air Force Academy, correctly affirm that women should not have to fear harassment or abuse at America’s military academies. The latest report is problematic, however, because its presumptions, findings, recommendations and tone are somewhat skewed by an over-representation of civilian “victim advocate” groups with attitudes hostile to men.1

Professional victimologists routinely confuse one-sided allegations with substantiated crimes, excuse women of the consequences of their own high-risk behavior, demand punishment even when self-proclaimed victims do not report offenses to authorities, and are not satisfied with anything less than courtsmartial and convictions, even when allegations are questionable.2 (Download PDF for full content)
Posted on Nov 22, 2005 Print this Article