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Posted on Aug 21, 2006 Print this Article

CMR Notes - Issue 83 August 2006

For decades the military has managed positive social change faster and better than the civilian world. Progress on racial integration, for example, coincided with the needs of the military. Civil rights goals were advanced without the need to compromise standards or deny that standards had changed.

On the issue of harassment and violence against women, however, the military is losing its bearings and spinning off course. Policy makers are shellshocked by incoming feminist fire. The condition suggests a new syndrome, “Post-Feminist Guilt Disorder” (PFGD) which deserves examination.

The effects of widespread PFGD are most apparent in the Pentagon and some educational institutions, particularly the U.S. Naval Academy. Affected officials have forgotten sound principles, and embraced questionable assumptions rooted in feminist ideology. An unfortunate pattern has emerged and become worse. Both men and women, who leaders say they are trying to help, are being demoralized or hurt. Why is this happening, and where will it end? Men are from Mars - Women are “Victims”. (Download PDF for full content)
Posted on Aug 21, 2006 Print this Article