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Military Culture & Diversity

"Gender-Diverse" Army Ranger School? - Part I
Army Chief of Staff  General Raymond Odierno  surprised and dismayed infantry and  Special Operations Forces  veterans when he  announced  in May that he might send female officers to  Ranger  school.  Gen. Odierno did not claim that combat readiness... Read More
14 Aug 12
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
"Gender-Diverse" Army Ranger School? - Part II
Whenever the question of women in the infantry comes up, well-meaning observers often comment that such assignments should be allowed (actually, ordered) if women can meet the same  physical standards as men.  . . . Read More
14 Aug 12
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
San Francisco Military on the March
During the 2010 debate about gays in the military, LGBT activists kept insisting they only wanted lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender personnel to serve quietly in the military − no special treatment. On the list of promises that Congress should not have believed, this was one of the... Read More
02 Aug 12
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Military Culture/Diversity
Pentagon Pushes "Diversity" for Women in Land Combat
On February 9, the Department of Defense conducted a briefing to announce incremental plans to force military women into direct ground combat units such as Army and Marine infantry and Special Operations Forces. Read More
22 Feb 12
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
Army Pregnancy Training...for Men
On February 9 the Department of Defense announced incremental steps to implement a report advocating doctrinaire "diversity" in the military. Read More
21 Feb 12
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
Members of Congress are demanding answers to their questions about scandalous behavior photographed at  Abu Ghraib  prison in Iraq.  “How could this happen?”  they ask. But this is not the first time that they have been warned about personal indiscipline and... Read More
18 May 04
Tags Military Culture/Diversity
The Suicide Sisterhood
Crown Prince Abdulla has arrived in Crawford, Texas, preceded by a media charm offensive and "Morning in Saudi Arabia" television commercials. The spots are beautifully produced, but not enough to obscure the haunting image, recently broadcast around the world, of a winsome five year-old girl... Read More
25 Apr 02
Tags Military Culture/Diversity
The following article addressed issues of military culture, as raised in an earlier article written by Sara Lister, who served as Army Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Personnel during the Clinton years. (In 1997, Ms. Lister caused great controversy by referring to the Marines as... Read More
04 Jan 02
Tags Military Culture/Diversity
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