The Center for Military Readiness is truly unique.  Founded in 1993, CMR is  an independent, non-partisan, public policy organization that promotes high standards and sound priorities in military/social policies.


CMR supports both men and women in all branches of the service.   They are the people most affected by misguided social policies, but most are not free to express their opinions or defend their own interests.


The military's culture of obedience to civilian orders makes the institution  vulnerable to unwise policy decisions.  It is therefore up to civilians, veterans, and all Americans to support men and women in uniform whose voices otherwise would not be heard.  Please join CMR in doing just that.


With recent changes in policy that would harm both men in the combat arms and women who do not want to be forced into the infantry, our role is more important than ever.  CMR puts the spotlight on what is happening, exposing policies that make military life more difficult and more dangerous.


With your help, the Center for Military Readiness will continue to produce original research and commentary that inspires opinion leaders to defend high standards and sound priorities in the All-Volunteer Force, on which our national security depends.


Thank you for your tax deductible contribution, of any amount, which will help CMR to provide leadership at this critical time.

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Information of Interest to CMR Contributors:

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  • Please see your tax advisor for information on tax advantages for contributions of stock certificates, employer matching-fund plans, charitable foundation bequests, or estate planning.

  • Those who prefer to contribute to CMR in response to direct mail solicitations are advised that the Center for Military Readiness is registered with and annually submits financial information to individual states that have such requirements.

  • The Center for Military Readiness is an independent, non-partisan educational organization, which does not receive government or corporate funds.

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