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Posted on Jan 3, 2002 Print this Article


In the aftermath of the September 11 Attack on America, the appropriate role of media in covering the War on Terrorism has become a hot topic of discussion. The Center for Military Readiness, however, was ahead of the curve. At the Sixth Annual CMR Celebration in Washington D.C. on October 18, 2001, President Elaine Donnelly presented the first “CMR Spotlight” award to editors, managers, and reporters for the Washington Times, in recognition of the paper’s unfailing efforts to cast a bright light on social issues that affect morale and readiness in the military. Honorees included Editor in Chief Wesley Pruden, Vice President and General Manager Richard Amberg, Jr., Editorial Page Editor Helle Bering, Deputy Managing Editor Francis Coombs, Editor of Commentary Mary Lou Forbes, National Desk Editor Ken Hanner, National Defense Reporters Rowan Scarborough and Bill Gertz, Editorial Cartoonist Bill Garner, and the late Kenneth Smith, who was Deputy Editorial Page Editor until his untimely death last year. CMR also recognized individual members of the media who have highlighted the follies of social engineering in the military in a variety of ways. They included Ms. Stephanie Guttmann, author of “The Kinder, Gentler Military—Can America’s Gender-Neutral Fighting Force Still Win Wars?” Brian Mitchell, author of “Weak Link: the Feminization of the Military,” National Review Washington Editor Kate O’Beirne, Weekly Standard reporter Matt Labash, syndicated columnist Mona Charen, and network radio host Janet Parshall. All of the CMR honorees were recognized as staunch supporters of America’s armed forces, and good friends who have focused media attention on issues of concern to CMR. The CMR Celebration Reception, and an afternoon Issues Briefing that was held at the Reserve Officers Association Building on the same day, were very successful, enjoyable, and attended by CMR supporters from many far-away states. This was especially gratifying because nearby Senate Office Buildings and the House of Representatives were closed, and there were early reports that the entire area where the event was held might be closed to traffic due to the anthrax threat. At the CMR Issues Briefing, attendees heard and participated in discussions about the challenges ahead in the War on Terrorism, particularly in the realm of Special Operations and ground combat. Speakers included retired Lt. Gen. Richard Trefry, USA (Ret.), author Stephanie Gutmann, former Army Ranger Steve Maguire, Dr. William J. Gregor, Lieutenant Colonel, USA Army (Ret.), CMR attorney Frank Northam of Webster, Chamberlain & Bean of Washington DC, and Jeffrey Fredericks, President of Gen-X Strategies, Inc., the firm responsible for this website, and Elaine Donnelly. CMR is deeply grateful to all Honorary Congressional Sponsors, Benefactors, Patrons, Sponsors, Friends, and Host Committee members who contributed to the success of the Sixth Annual CMR Celebration.
Posted on Jan 3, 2002 Print this Article