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Posted on Apr 29, 2015 Print this Article

More Research, Opinions on Women in Direct Ground Combat -- Part 7 Controversy Continues on Women in the Infantry and What To Do About Sexual Assaults in the Military

More Research, and Opinions on Women in Direct Ground Combat -- Part 7 

Controversy Continues on Women in the Infantry and What To Do About Sexual Assaults in the Military

This compendium of articles and commentaries − Part 7 in a series posted in the SITREP section of the CMR website − provides more information and expert opinions on women in direct ground combat.  These documents and articles explain why Congress should conduct diligent oversight and intervene before President Barack Obama orders military into the combat arms by his deadline, January 2016.  The articles also report comments by Sen. Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY) implying that anyone accused of sexual assault is guilty.

A.  Analysis of Current Research on Women in Land Combat 

Policy changes affecting all military women − and eventually civilian women of Selective Service registration age − should be rooted in reality, science, and experience, not theories and unsupported assumptions.  Major CMR Policy Analyses posted in the News & Commentary and Essential Resources sections of the CMR website are highlighted in this two-page summary and comprehensive CMR Policy Analyses:

CMR: 2015 Interim Fact Sheet — Women in Direct Ground Combat (DGC)

CMR: New British Report Shreds Case for Women in Direct Ground Combat

CMR Releases Interim Report on Marine Research: Where is the Case for Women in Combat? 

B.  Major Commentaries: Concerns About Women in Direct Ground Combat

Apr. 25:   Lee Culpepper, TownHall: Equal but Inferior: Transforming America's Military

Apr. 22:   Prof. Anna Simons, War on the Rocks: Why Integrate Women Into Combat Units?

Apr. 21:   Matthew Vadum, Front Page Magazine, The Feminist Fantasy of Women-in-Combat

Apr. 15:   Elaine DonnellyReality Checks Momentum for Women in Land Combat

Apr. 15:   Prof. Anna Simons, War on the Rocks: Women in Ground Combat Units: Where's the Data?

Apr. 13:   Wesley PrudenWashington TimesWomen at War, and the Enemy is Us

Mar-Apr    Jude EdenMilitary ReviewWomen in Combat: The Question of Standards

Mar-Apr    Col. Charles E. Rice, USMCR, Ret., Military ReviewWomen in the Infantry: Understanding Issues of Physical Strength, Economics, and Small-Unit Cohesion

Jan '15     General Frederick J. Kroesen, USA (Ret.)Army Magazine, "What the Evaluations are Not Considering"

Jan. 11:    Ray "Cash" Care, Warrior Scout: Should Women be Navy SEALS?

C.  Recent News Articles of Interest 

Apr. 28:   NBC NewsWomen May Have Harder Time Recovering from Concussions

Apr. 19:   Rowan Scarborough, Washington TimesPressure Grows for Marine Corps to Consider Lowering Standards for Women

Apr. 8:    Marine Corps TimesMarine Combat Test Ends Without Female Grad

Apr. 4:    AP, Lolita Baldor: Special Operations Troops Doubt Women Can Do the Job

Mar. 20:  Dan Lamothe, Washington PostMale-on-Male Sexual Assault in the Military Not Addressed Enough and Hard to Fix

Mar. 19:  Washington Times: Integrating Women in Land Combat Reduces Effectiveness; Harms Cohesion

Mar. 15:  CBS "60 Minutes" (Video posted here) A Few Good Women

Jan. 20:   Aaron MacLean, Washington Free Beacon"Watch This Pentagon Official Laugh About Standards for Women"

Dec. 19, '14:  UK Women in Military Combat is Nothing New, Just Not British

Mar. 24, '14:  Norway Army Makes Men and Women Share Rooms

D.  Sponsors of Sexual Assault Legislations Show Anti-Due-Process Colors

Mar. 24:  Politics on the Hudson: Gillibrand: Avoid Victim-Blaming in UVA Rape Story

Mar. 24:  Hot Air: Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Let's Not Blame the Victim in the Bogus UVA Rolling Stone Rape Story

Jan. 15:   Donnelly: Exploiting Sexual Assault in the Military - Women Don't Need a Magic-Wand Law

For more information on these and many other social/military issues, see the News & Commentary and Essential Resources sections of this website,  The Center for Military Readiness is an independent, non-partisan non-profit organization, founded in 1993, which reports on and analyzes military/social issues.

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Posted on Apr 29, 2015 Print this Article