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Posted on Nov 30, 2014 Print this Article

Research, Reality, and More Opinions on Women In the Infantry -- Part 6

Research, Reality, and More Opinions on Ordering Women Into the Infantry -- Part 6

This SITREP - Part 6 provides more information and expert opinions explaining why Congress needs to conduct diligent oversight and to intervene before President Barack Obama orders military women into the combat arms by his deadline, January 2016

A.  CMR Publishes Interim Report on U.S. Marine Corps Research Findings 

These articles explain some of the reasons why women who want to serve our country should not be treated like men in direct ground combat units where they would be at a severe physical disadvantage:

This is a Two-Page Summary of the 64-page Interim CMR Special Report, which includes extensive footnotes with references linked within.

The following articles present more voices and sources that Congress and opinion leaders should consider, especially since the Obama Administration is attempting to circumvent members of Congress and to exclude members from the decision-making process.  There is no compelling reason why women should be considered interchangeable with men in the combat arms:

Women have served with courage "In Harm's Way," but the definition of Direct Ground Combat goes far beyond that experience:

B.  Women Do Not Want or Need to be Ordered Into Direct Ground Combat

C.  Direct Ground Combat Assignments − Unfair to Both Women and Men

There is abundant evidence that close assignments would put women at a severe disadvantage, causing injuries and other harmful consequences that military women do not want.  First, it is important to define exactly what we are talking about:

Additional commentaries and relevant articles on this subject are posted in Parts 1 through 5 in SITREP, and in the Issues and Resources and Essential Resources sections of the website of the Center for Military Readiness website,


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Posted on Nov 30, 2014 Print this Article