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Posted on Dec 29, 2015 Print this Article

Women in Ground Combat ˗ Part 8: Definitive Research & Commentaries

Why the Next President Must Restore Sound Policies Affecting Women in the Military

This compendium of articles and commentaries − Part 8 in a series posted in the SITREP section of the CMR website − provides abundant information, analysis, and expert opinions on women in direct ground combat. 

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter had promised to be guided by the facts, but on December 3, 2015, Carter chose to ignore the fully authorized and supported request of the U.S. Marine Corps to retain women’s exemptions from the infantry and other direct ground combat units that attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action. 

Secretary Carter was unable to criticize the Marines’ comprehensive research, but he moved ahead anyway.  Carter disingenuously denied there would be "quotas" or lowered standards, even though the military services keep promoting "gender diversity metrics" of 25% or more.  In order to meet these goals, the services will have to adopt standards that are “gender-neutral” but lower than before.

Policy changes affecting all military women − and eventually civilian women of Selective Service registration age − should be rooted in reality, science, and experience, not theories, unsupported assumptions, and "mitigation myths."  Instead, the Obama Administration chose to impose a political agenda that will do great harm to both military women and men in the combat arms. 

Still, military history did not end on December 3.  The military is a resilient institution that will respond to new leadership once the Obama Administration leaves office.  Facts and solid data incorporated in the following documents, plus recently-disclosed reports that CMR will analyze in coming weeks, will continue to make the case for restoration of sound policies in the next administration. 

A.    Analysis of Current Research on Women in Land Combat

The following are major CMR Policy Analyses posted in the News & Commentary and Essential Resources sections of the CMR website:


B.    Major Commentaries: Concerns About Women in Direct Ground Combat 

The following news articles and commentaries often incorporate information that CMR obtained and analyzed during 2015:

For more information on these and many other social/military issues, see the News & Commentary and Essential Resources sections of this website,  The Center for Military Readiness is an independent, non-partisan non-profit organization, founded in 1993, which reports on and analyzes military/social issues.

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Posted on Dec 29, 2015 Print this Article