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Sanchez Pushes Gender Quotas and Women-in-Land-Combat
During the marathon session to mark up sections of the annual  National Defense Authorization Act for 2015 , the  House Armed Services Committee (HASC)  casually approved a problematic amendment to the massive bill that should have gotten closer scrutiny.  Sponsored by... Read More
15 May 14
Tags Congress/Legislation, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
Defense Department Issues New Rules on Religious Liberty...
The Department of Defense recently released an  Instruction   (Number 1300.17) to implement a defense bill "conscience clause" to protect religious liberty in the military.  The January 22 directive referenced  Section 533  of the  National Defense Authorization... Read More
28 Jan 14
Tags Congress/Legislation, Conscience Rights & Religious Freedom, Military Culture/Diversity
On August 16, 2002, Washington D.C. U.S. District  Judge Royce C. Lamberth  dismissed, with prejudice, the lawsuit filed by Plaintiff  Carey D. Lohrenz  against  Elaine Donnelly  and the  Center for Military Readiness (CMR)  in 1996. The... Read More
05 Nov 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Judicial/Legal Matters
CMR Submits Statement for Record of House Hearing on...
The Obama Administration is moving ahead with incremental plans to force (not "allow") women into direct ground combat fighting teams that currently are all-male.  These include  Army/Marine infantry ,  armor ,  artillery  and − with inevitably-"adjusted"... Read More
27 Aug 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Women in the Military
Allen West Questions Senators Paul and Cruz on Support...
Iraq war veteran and former congressman  Col. Allen West  (R-FL) has criticized  Senators Rand Paul  (R-KY) and  Ted Cruz  (R-TX) for supporting controversial  legislation that would create a  new  independent system  of military... Read More
11 Aug 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Judicial/Legal Matters, Sexual Misconduct
Women in Direct Ground Combat -- Why Congress Must Intervene
The  Center for Military Readiness  has prepared a brief but comprehensive analysis of issues raised when the  Obama Administration  set in motion a determined, incremental plan to unilaterally abolish military women's exemption from direct ground battalions. Read More
28 Mar 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
Chuck Hagel − or Barney Frank − for Secretary of Defense?
When President Barack Obama first suggested that Chuck Hagel might be his choice for Secretary of Defense, some gay activists pledged to oppose the former senator because he is not sufficiently supportive of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) causes.  This gratuitous slap at... Read More
07 Jan 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Gays in the Military/LGBT Law
National Party Platforms Set Different Courses on...
"Peace Through Strength" vs. Obama World View National political platforms are important for the insight they provide into the character of party leaders who write and approve them.  In both substance and process, differences between the  Republican  and  Democratic... Read More
06 Sep 12
Tags Congress/Legislation, Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Women in the Military
Republicans Adopt Solid Platform on Military/Social Issues
The 2012 Republican National Platform, titled  We Believe in America , includes this affirmation:  "We are the party of peace through strength."   The unequivocal statement is supported by a comprehensive platform section   "American Exceptionalism,"... Read More
05 Sep 12
Tags Congress/Legislation, Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Women in the Military
Congress Stands With the Troops on Marriage and Religious...
Strong Support for Palazzo, Akin, and Huelskamp Amendments On May 9, 2012, the  House Armed Services Committee (HASC)  approved two amendments to the  National Defense Authorization Act   (NDAA)  that would reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage and... Read More
15 May 12
Tags Congress/Legislation
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