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White House/Pentagon

Rubio & Bush Support Female Selective Service...
Cruz Calls Idea “Nuts”  UPDATE #2: CMR Quadrennial Presidential Candidate Survey  The  New Hampshire Presidential Primary  revealed what may be the first signs of voter concern about political correctness and social experiments in the military. ... Read More
16 Feb 16
Tags Congress/Legislation, White House/Pentagon
CMR Releases New Interim Special Report – Part II
The  Center for Military Readiness  has released a new two-section, 38-page   Interim CMR Special Report   that analyzes recently-released results of  U.S. Marine Corps  research done on the subject of  Women in Direct Ground Combat . Read More
01 Dec 15
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
CMR Releases Interim Report on Marine Corps Research...
The  Interim CMR Special Report  reveals previously-undisclosed findings derived from research done since 2012, when former Defense Secretary  Leon Panetta  set in motion   incremental steps to repeal all of women's exemptions from direct ground combat units by... Read More
03 Oct 14
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Stealth Attack on Draft-Age Women
During the House Armed Services Committee's markup on the National Defense Authorization bill for 2014, committee members would not even consider legislation to preserve young women's exemption from Selective Service registration and a possible future draft.  CMR has prepared this Policy... Read More
30 Jul 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Seven Reasons Why Women-in-Combat Diversity Will Degrade...
The Department of Defense is protesting (too much) that when military women are allowed (actually, ordered) into direct ground combat battalions, they will be held to the same standards men must meet today.  This claim is not compatible with another major social goal of the Defense... Read More
21 Apr 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Update: Military Culture Coalition 2012 Presidential Candidate Survey In  an interview with the  Des Moines Register  editorial board on December 9, former Massachusetts Governor  Mitt Romney  said that he does not plan to change a law mandating acceptance of... Read More
22 Dec 11
Tags White House/Pentagon
October 2002  -  During the congressional debate about  Iraq  and  Saddam Hussein,  sovereignty became a major issue. Some members suggested that America   should defer to the  United Nations  in matters involving our... Read More
31 Oct 07
Tags White House/Pentagon
The flimsiest argument for women in land combat is the notion that such a policy will improve recruiting. If that were the case, Army officials would have secured official approval for such a plan long ago and advertised the new policy on the Super Bowl. Army recruiting is in trouble, and the... Read More
15 Jun 05
Tags White House/Pentagon
The Center for Military Readiness is pleased to report that a lawsuit intended to impose  Selective Service  obligations on young women has been dismissed by the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.  1   In an 8-page opinion, U.S. Senior  District... Read More
04 Sep 03
Tags White House/Pentagon
Representative Rangel’s Radical Move to Reinstate the Draft
Rep. Charles B. Rangel  (D-NY), who earned a  Bronze Star  and a  Purple Heart  in the  Korean War , deserves respect for serving his country with distinction. As a senior member of Congress, however, Rangel is letting down the troops. Together with... Read More
04 Mar 03
Tags White House/Pentagon
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