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A Lesson from Ukraine: Good Men Protect and Defend Women
A question asked in a recent Quinnipiac University Poll sparked a national conversation: “If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?”   Read More
22 Mar 22
Tags Families & Children, Other Countries
People Are Policy: Three Pentagon Nominees Who Do Not...
On February 17, the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) interviewed four nominees for high-level positions at the Department of Defense .  The Center for Military Readiness is concerned about three: Mr. Ravi Chaudhary , Mr. Franklin R. Parker , and Ms. Agnes Gereben Schaefer... Read More
07 Mar 22
Tags Congress/Legislation, White House/Pentagon
Critical Military Theory: Classic Principles Betrayed by...
A distinguished retired Marine three-star officer has written a superb commentary that should be required reading at the military service academies and in all levels of military education.    Read More
10 Feb 22
Tags Military Culture/Diversity
Hold SOCOM Leaders Accountable for Female Commando’s...
According to an anonymous whistleblower letter that Air Force Times posted on January 13, Pentagon policy makers are promoting “diversity and inclusion” at the expense of high, uncompromised standards in an elite Special Operations Forces community.   Read More
31 Jan 22
Tags Demographic Diversity Metrics, Training Standards & Health, Training, Physiology, & Athletics, Women in the Military
CMR Challenge: Strengthen Our Military – Secure American...
When historians write about the effectiveness of our military after the Biden/Harris  Administration ’s inept retreat from Afghanistan , the year 2022 will be seen as a turning point.  Either the armed forces will continue to bear heavy burdens of “woke”... Read More
11 Jan 22
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
Congress Deletes “Draft Our Daughters” from 2022 Defense...
Now that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2022 has been signed into law, conservatives can celebrate a significant, hard-fought victory against “Draft Our Daughters” provisions and several more bad ideas proposed during the 2021 legislative process. Read More
03 Jan 22
Tags Congress/Legislation
Provisions in both the Senate and House versions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY 2022 are unacceptable for reasons noted and analyzed below.  Because the most objectionable proposals would be virtually irreversible, this NDAA is different from any other and it... Read More
18 Oct 21
Tags Congress/Legislation, Selective Service Implications
Remove Blank Check “Draft Our Daughters” Mandate from...
The congressional debate about “Draft Our Daughters” legislation – whether Selective Service should include young women in registration for a possible future draft – has taken a new and disturbing turn. For clarity, consider President Joe Biden ’s unilateral... Read More
17 Sep 21
Tags Congress/Legislation
Senate and House Should Oppose Selective Service...
In 2016, ill-advised legislation to “Draft Our Daughters” by registering them with Selective Service on the same basis as men sparked a heated national debate.  The House of Representatives ultimately rejected a “Draft Our Daughters” amendment to the National... Read More
24 Jul 21
Tags Congress/Legislation, Selective Service Implications, Women in the Military
Supreme Court Denies Petition to Include Women in...
On June 7, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition for a writ of certiorari that the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) had filed to persuade the Court to declare the current Selective Service System unconstitutional.  Instead, the Supreme Court properly recognized that Congress ,... Read More
15 Jun 21
Tags Congress/Legislation, Judicial/Legal Matters, Selective Service Implications
152 Women Killed in War on Terror Since the attack on America on  September 11, 2001 ,  a total of 152 women deployed to  Afghanistan,  Iraq, Kuwait , and Syria have lost their lives in service to America.  The number includes two who were... Read More
01 Apr 13
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