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Keep “Woke” Ideology Out of the Department of Defense
Imagine this: The streets of Army bases or the decks of Navy ships are painted with large yellow letters saluting the controversial organization, “ Black Lives Matter. ”  At the Army/Navy game, players take a knee instead of saluting the flag. At all the military service... Read More
19 Aug 20
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
Supreme Court Ruling Does Not Make Case for Repeal of...
On June 15, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling that unilaterally enacted controversial legislation to bar employment discrimination on grounds of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.”   ( Bostok v. Clayton County )  This decision did not... Read More
06 Jul 20
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Judicial/Legal Matters, Military Culture/Diversity
Legal Battle Over Trump/Mattis Transgender Policy: Update #5
Advocates of social causes enjoyed free rein during the Obama Administration , and they are still pressing hard to impose their agenda on the military.  In the summer of 2017, when President Donald Trump announced his intent to review and revise the previous administration’s... Read More
04 Apr 20
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Judicial/Legal Matters
LGBT Activists Promote Fake Pentagon Troop Survey
Perception Management (PM) Tactics in Play Nationwide impositions of transgender ideology, such as boys taking girls’ places on athletic teams and sex-change treatments for gender-confused children , are becoming more extreme and problematic.  During the Obama Administration ,... Read More
04 Mar 20
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon
New Army Combat Fitness Test: 84% of Women Fail
In December 2015, former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter overturned policy and authorized women to serve in direct ground combat ( infantry ) units.  These are the fighting teams that attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action – missions beyond the experience of being... Read More
03 Nov 19
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Sexual Misconduct, Training Standards & Health
Are Military Social Experiments Increasing Sexual...
The Defense Department’s attempts to reduce sexual assaults in the military have failed.  Annual reports tracking numbers of actual assaults on women and men show that the problem is getting worse every year with no end in sight. Read More
10 Sep 19
Tags Sexual Misconduct, Women in the Military
Unfounded Sex Assault Charges Trending Up in DoD Reports
Air Force Gen. John Hyten , nominated to become Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has become the face of injustice done to military personnel who encounter unproved allegations of sexual assault.  [ Update: On September 27, the Senate confirmed Gen. Hyten to be Vice Chairman... Read More
27 Aug 19
House Uses Transgender Agenda to Pass Defense Bill
For decades, the legislative process for writing the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been largely non-partisan, pro-national security, and supportive of the troops.  Not this year.  For the first time, social issues were used to coax votes from anti-defense... Read More
24 Jul 19
Tags Congress/Legislation, Gays in the Military/LGBT Law
Military Leaders Should Follow the Commander-in-Chief
President Donald Trump has been working to restore sound priorities that promote military readiness, not demoralizing social agendas that the previous administration pushed to extremes.  Recent news reports suggest, however, that some Defense Department and military officials are not... Read More
16 May 19
Tags White House/Pentagon
The Trump/Mattis Transgender Policy – What Are the Facts?
On March 28, 2019, members of the House of Representatives staged an unserious “debate” about the issue of transgenders in the military.  Ultimately, the members approved HR 124 , a non-binding “ Military Mutiny Resolution ” urging members of the military to... Read More
07 Apr 19
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law
152 Women Killed in War on Terror Since the attack on America on  September 11, 2001 ,  a total of 152 women deployed to  Afghanistan,  Iraq, Kuwait , and Syria lost their lives in service to America.  The number includes two women who were... Read More
01 Apr 13
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