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Women in the Military

Female Marine Captain Asks President Obama a Question...
At the September 28 CNN Townhall meeting with President Barack Obama and a military group at Fort Lee, VA, Marine Capt. Lauren Serrano courageously asked a respectful but challenging question about women in direct ground combat.  Capt. Serrano’s question was accurate and appropriately... Read More
30 Sep 16
Tags Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
What Do Women Want? The Pentagon Doesn’t Care
What Do Female Olympians Know that the Pentagon Doesn’t? For years, feminists have insisted that military women couldn’t wait to be treated like men in “tip of the spear” direct ground combat units.  Now that their social experiment is underway, Pentagon... Read More
22 Aug 16
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
Congress Should Challenge Myths About Women, Combat, and...
Myths about gender equality in the military are starting to crumble under the pressure of actual experience.  Witness the recent  Associated Press report  that 6 of 7 female Marine recruits failed to qualify in training for direct ground combat assignments. Read More
26 Jun 16
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
Senate Should Drop McCain Mandate to Register, Draft...
Generals’ Opinions Misconstrued as “Recommendation”  During a May 19  Senate Armed Services Committee  session marking-up the  National Defense Authorization Act for 2017 (NDAA - SR 2814), Chairman John McCain  (R-AZ)   pushed for and... Read More
27 May 16
Tags Congress/Legislation, Women in the Military
House, Senate Should Defeat “Draft America’s Daughters”...
As if our military doesn’t have enough problems, on April 27 the  House Armed Services Committee narrowly approved legislation to  “Draft America’s Daughters.”   If the misguided measure makes it into law,  Military Selective Service Act... Read More
02 May 16
Tags Congress/Legislation, Women in the Military
CMR Files Comprehensive Statement for the Record of...
Congress and the Next President Should Review Results of Research on Women in Combat  On February 2, 2016, the  Senate Armed Services Committee  held the first hearing on women in combat since 1991, 25 years ago.  Appearing at the hearing were Secretary of the Navy ... Read More
20 Feb 16
Tags Congress/Legislation, Women in the Military
Obama Administration Ignores Sound Military Advice on...
Yesterday,  President Barack Obama  and Secretary Carter overruled the best professional advice of the  U.S. Marine Corps  in matters involving life, death, and national security.  Secretary Carter also broke his own promise to base his decision on the quality of... Read More
04 Dec 15
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
CMR Releases New Interim Special Report – Part II
The  Center for Military Readiness  has released a new two-section, 38-page   Interim CMR Special Report   that analyzes recently-released results of  U.S. Marine Corps  research done on the subject of  Women in Direct Ground Combat . Read More
01 Dec 15
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Marines Set Sound Priorities: “Survivability and...
CMR Analyzes USMC Women in Combat Research Data: Part II  After four years of comprehensive  Marine Corps  research, results clearly show that the case for   women in direct ground combat still has not been made.  In fact, tests have produced highly credible,... Read More
13 Oct 15
Tags Women in the Military
Memo to Secretary Mabus: Marines Lives Matter
The following op-ed by CMR President  Elaine Donnelly  was published in the Washington Times Commentary section under the title  Marines Lives Matter  (Sept. 15, 2015) Read More
23 Sep 15
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
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