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Women in the Military

Boot Camp Lessons Learned Should Suspend Women-in-Combat...
Pentagon civilians and military leaders keep claiming that when women serve in the combat arms, all standards will be "gender-neutral."  Now comes reality, revealed in a new physical fitness test with "gender-neutral" minimum requirements. Read More
24 Jan 14
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
Double-Think and Dissembling About Double Standards in...
President  Barack Obama  is pushing hard for women in direct ground combat units, to include  Army  and  Marine infantry  and  Special Operations Forces .  Under Defense Department mandates for "gender diversity," women will be incrementally ordered (not... Read More
14 Nov 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Training Standards & Health, Women in the Military
CMR Submits Statement for Record of House Hearing on...
The Obama Administration is moving ahead with incremental plans to force (not "allow") women into direct ground combat fighting teams that currently are all-male.  These include  Army/Marine infantry ,  armor ,  artillery  and − with inevitably-"adjusted"... Read More
27 Aug 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Women in the Military
Spinning the Story on Women in Land Combat
"Fox & Friends"  personality  Anna Kooiman , often featured in sports or entertainment human interest stories, recently traveled to  Camp Lejeune, NC , to talk with women who are training for combat duties with  Navy Riverine Squadron 2 .  These squadrons,... Read More
14 Aug 13
Tags Families & Children, Ships & Submarines, Women in the Military
Stealth Attack on Draft-Age Women
During the House Armed Services Committee's markup on the National Defense Authorization bill for 2014, committee members would not even consider legislation to preserve young women's exemption from Selective Service registration and a possible future draft.  CMR has prepared this Policy... Read More
30 Jul 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Seven Reasons Why Women-in-Combat Diversity Will Degrade...
The Department of Defense is protesting (too much) that when military women are allowed (actually, ordered) into direct ground combat battalions, they will be held to the same standards men must meet today.  This claim is not compatible with another major social goal of the Defense... Read More
21 Apr 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, White House/Pentagon, Women in the Military
Military Survey Reveals Signs of Trouble Among the Troops
Results of the annual 2013  Military Times Poll  of active-duty subscribers to the Gannett-owned  Army ,  Navy ,  Marine Corps  and  Air Force Times  newspapers, reveal political shifts and unresolved concerns about the consequences of social... Read More
02 Apr 13
Tags Gays in the Military/LGBT Law, Women in the Military
The Commandant, the Colonel, and "Making Marines"
When a great man dies, someone is sure to say, "They just don't make them like him anymore." This is true of Gen. Robert H. Barrow, the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps, who passed away quietly at his home in St. Francisville, Louisiana, last Thursday at age 89. Read More
02 Apr 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
Women in Direct Ground Combat -- Why Congress Must Intervene
The  Center for Military Readiness  has prepared a brief but comprehensive analysis of issues raised when the  Obama Administration  set in motion a determined, incremental plan to unilaterally abolish military women's exemption from direct ground battalions. Read More
28 Mar 13
Tags Congress/Legislation, Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
Survey of Marines Fails to Show Support for Women in...
"Quick-Look" Summary Omits Details on Issues of Major Concern On Friday, February 1, the  Center for Naval Analysis (CNA)  released a  "Quick-Look Analysis of Survey Results Assessing the Implications of Possible Changes to Women in Service Restrictions."  The 5-page... Read More
02 Feb 13
Tags Military Culture/Diversity, Women in the Military
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