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CMR E-Notes

Senate Rejects Repeal of Law on Gays in the Military
Last month's vote in the United States Senate frustrated, for now, unremitting efforts of liberals and their LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) allies to impose a radical social experiment on the U. S. military. That men and women whose one and only priority rightly should be defense... Read More
07 Oct 10
Alliance Defense Fund Weighs in with Pentagon Repeal Panel
The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has released submissions it has made to the Pentagon Comprehensive Review Working Group (CRWG), the ad hoc panel charged by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to assess the impact of repeal of the law on gays in the military on the armed forces.  Read More
01 Oct 10
Issue 14: August 2010
On August 10 the Center for Military Readiness and other leaders of the Military Culture Coalition (MCC) , a network of influential groups and individuals that CMR organized in February, announced the results of a comprehensive nationwide poll of 1,000 likely voters that could change the... Read More
20 Aug 10
Military Culture Coalition Poll “Changes Game” in Gays in...
With the release of a new poll commissioned by the Military Culture Coalition, largely undiscussed issues and perspectives in the debate over the attempt to repeal the law on gays in the military have emerged.  Read More
12 Aug 10
Libertarians Should Leave the Military Alone
John Stossel, a Fox News personality and self-proclaimed libertarian, recently wrote a column for Human Events announcing his belief that the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) policy is "dumb" and that the United States should "repeal" it. Stossel's article and similar comments on "The... Read More
06 Aug 10
Gay Activist Groups "Protest Too Much"
LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) activists have revealed the next stage of their plan to push repeal of the 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible for military service. They need to act fast-prior to the end of this Congress-since the next election may change everything. Read More
28 Jul 10
Patrick Murphy’s GIMC and
In an article for titled  "Don't Ask How Much to Repeal 'Don't Tell',"  former Marine officer Ilario Pantano takes strong exception to "a neatly bundled vote wrapped in the flag with a camouflage bow on top. And a price tag." Read More
23 Jun 10
The Fight to Stop Repeal Continues
As the Senate prepares for the battle over the repeal of the law making homosexuals ineligible for military service, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) joined with Senate Armed Services Committee Ranking Member John McCain, who led the opposition for months, in calling for action to remove... Read More
11 Jun 10
Veterans Groups and Others Oppose "Repeal Deal"
The following respected veterans groups have taken a stand against the "Repeal Deal" to allow open homosexuality in the military by repealing the current law making homosexuals ineligible. The organizations below sent letters to congressional leaders opposing hasty action to repeal the current... Read More
11 Jun 10
The Military Culture Coalition Stands Up for 1993 Law
In February CMR announced the formation of a Military Culture Coalition (MCC) to encourage communication and cooperation between organizations that support sound military personnel policies. Read More
11 Jun 10
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