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CMR E-Notes

Sordid Drill Instructor Scandal at Lackland AFB
In an article titled  "Air Force Sex Probe Gets First Trial,"  (July 17),  Wall Street Journal  reporter  Nathan Koppel  described in detail the testimony of female Air Force basic trainees who were assaulted or taken advantage of during a worsening sex scandal... Read More
19 Jul 12
Boy Scouts Retain Scoutmaster Policy
During the rush to repeal the 1993 law regarding homosexuals in the military, mislabeled  "Don't Ask, Don't Tell,"  supporters of the law frequently warned that repeal ultimately would affect civilian organizations, such as schools, churches, and groups like the Boy Scouts.  The... Read More
19 Jul 12
Female Mid and Navy Submarine Chief of Boat Fired
Last February  Navy Times  reported that Master Chief Electronics Technician (SS) David Turley had been fired as Chief of the Boat on the ballistic-missile submarine Nebraska. (See  Navy Times , Feb. 9, 2012, "Top Enlisted Fired Amid Relationship Allegation") The Nebraska was one... Read More
18 Jul 12
Issue 29: May 2012
A. Congress Defends Marriage and Rights of Conscience in the Military; B. Claims of "Success" for LGBT Law Premature At Best; C. "Diversity" Drive for Women in Land Combat; D. President Obama "Outs" Himself in Support of Same-Sex Marriage... Read More
20 May 12
"Chilling Trends" of Military Sexual Assault
Buried in a new Army report about stress and discipline in the ranks, a section titled "Sex Crime Trends" reports that violent attacks and rapes have nearly doubled since 2006, rising from 663 to 1,313 last year. Read More
04 Apr 12
Issue 28: February 2012
Chapter Three: Chronicles of "Diversity" and LGBT Law in the Military Read More
26 Feb 12
Army Pregnancy Training...for Men
On February 9 the Department of Defense announced incremental steps to implement a report advocating doctrinaire "diversity" in the military. Central to this campaign, which briefers described as  "just the beginning, not the end,"  are plans to order female soldiers into direct... Read More
21 Feb 12
Issue 27: January 2012
Chapter Two: Chronicles of the LGBT Law -- The Presidential Election Read More
17 Jan 12
2012 Presidential Candidate Survey Results Released
The  Military Culture Coalition  has released responses to the  MCC  2012 Presidential Candidate Survey , which asked six questions about military social issues such as gays in the military, enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the military, religious... Read More
06 Dec 11
Issue 26: October 2011
Chapter One: Chronicles of the LGBT Law Read More
23 Oct 11
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